Fresh energy in key positions

Fresh energy in key positions

“It is great to contribute positively to the green shift”, says Aleksander Våge Nilsen, Karina Djuve Aanderaa, Iris Gudmundsdottir and Thorbjørn Alvsvåg. The quartet has recently joined Zinus in key positions, strengthening the organization for further growth and development.

After just a few years of operation, Zinus has become a major supplier of innovative infrastructure for shore power and charging connections for the shipping industry. With our ambitions to become the leading global player, organizational development and growth is vital. Lately, several key positions have been filled by ambitious new-employees – eager to evolve the company and its solutions further. They also share an enthusiasm for working with sustainable green technology.

Eager for smarter purchasing

Aleksander Våge Nilsen (33) is our new purchasing manager, with background from banking and purchasing for Siemens Offshore and Siemens Wind Power.

“I find it really interesting to be part of building Zinus in this phase of growth, and purchasing is an area that directly affects the bottom line. In this relatively new and flexible organisation, I get to influence purchasing processes and contribute to smarter ways of working to a greater extent than I would in a larger matured company with a long-established culture. I am also glad to continue working with green solutions, and Zinus’ technology is a great contribution to reduced emissions. To me, it makes so much more sense for vessels to use shore-power than to have their fossil-fuelled engine running while staying in port. It is a win-win for people living near harbours, the crews on board, and the environment,” says Nilsen.

Streamlining our services

In Karina Djuve Aanderaa we found our new project and service manager. The 40-year-old is one of only 31 IPC-certified maintenance managers in Norway, with 12 years’ experience as maintenance engineer, -manager and -adviser for Aibel, Kverneland Group and Oceaneering.

“I am very happy to participate in building an exciting company like Zinus, where I can utilize my knowledge and contribute with new and smart solutions that benefit our customers. As project manager I will be the link between customer, sales and production, ensuring the smoothest project execution possible. I am also in charge of our service department. This means developing our service offering with new solutions streamlined for our customers, as well as coordinating our service team – making sure our technicians are always at the right place and time according to our service agreements,” Aanderaa says, adding:

“After contributing to the world’s food production with my work at Kverneland, the world’s largest plow manufacturer, it is great to contribute to a cleaner world with Zinus’ emission-reducing shore power and charging solutions. I also believe that the focus we have on sustainability, climate and environment at work makes me more aware on how environmentally friendly I live as a private person, and that is of course a plus.”

An Olympian to ensure quality and HSE

Iris Gudmundsdottir is our new quality and HSE manager (QHSE). She came from Iceland to Norway in 2006 to develop as alpine skier at The Norwegian College of Elite Sport. In 2012, after competing in several FIS races and representing Iceland in the 2010 Olympics, she turned her attention to studies and became QHSE Engineer. Before joining Zinus, she worked with HSE in design at aluminium specialist Leirvik AS, and as QHSE manager for property developer Fronta AS.

“My main task is to ensure that Zinus delivers quality products to our customer in a way that takes care of our employees and the environment.  QHSE is important in any company, but not least in Zinus – where we take great pride in our products effect on sustainability, climate, and environment. Hence, we shall conduct our business with the upmost care for planet’s and employees’ wellbeing. Getting into the green shift was one of the reasons for joining Zinus. It is great that we can make the world a better place with our technology and doing so with products that look that great on the quayside is definitely not a drawback,” the 30-year-old smiles.

Ready to expand the Zinus portfolio

As our new design engineer, Thorbjørn Alvsvåg will take part in shaping Zinus’ product portfolio. He will just have to get settled in his new office space first.

“This is an exciting step for me, joining a new and future-oriented company and business. I really look forward to getting hands-on with development of new Zinus products,” Alvsvåg says.

The 34-year-old became a certified mechanic in neighbouring Wärtsilä, before studying renewable energy for three years, followed by a two-year study and a master’s degree in mechatronics. His work experience includes development of subsea equipment for Imenco for six years, followed by two years of design and development work related to research and test projects on Unitech Offshore’s floating wind turbine Zephyros.

«It has been interesting working with the oil and gas industry, but now it will be great to venture deeper into green renewal and the sustainable solutions represented by Zinus’ shore power and charging systems. I also love becoming part of a local company from a small Norwegian community that has ambitions and a plan for global growth”, Alvsvåg concludes.

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Our product portfolio contains a range of inventive charging solutions for hybrid and fully electric vessels, combining uninterrupted recharging of batteries with safe, easy, and flexible operations.
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