Shore Power Cruiser
Shore Power Cruiser

Zero-emission cruise power

Shore Power Cruiser is a semi-automatic portable unit, specially developed to provide high voltage shore power to cruise vessels as efficient and easy as possible.

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To serve the variety of cruise ship sizes and shapes, Zinus has emphasized mobility and flexibility in design of our efficient Shore Power Cruiser solution. Using a remote-controlled mini picker, the necessary cable length is rolled out from the trailer along the quay. The cable is then connected to shore panels, before being lifted and plugged into the vessel using the mini picker’s telescopic arm.

Intuitive operations

Manual control with intuitive operation. Prepared for integrated touch screen operation.

Built in switches

Prepared for built-in switchgear with circuit distribution to the plugs.

Automatic readiness

Can be equipped with a semiautomatic operation system that recognize vessels and automatically prepares the system before the vessel docks. Can be coordinated with converter regardless of vendor.


Overload protection against operational errors. Weak point implemented in the structure.


Zinus has a cable management system according to Plug Solution PAS IEC 80005-3 and is CE marked in accordance with Norwegian regulations.


3 in 1

Shore Power Cruiser is designed to serve three purposes in harbours with cruise calls: To pull the cable trailer when laying cables, to improve port logistics by handling cables and connectors, and to maintain plugs and cables between the port and cruise vessel.

Connected in 30 minutes

Starting from scratch with the initial roll-out of cable, we estimate approx. 30 minutes’ connection time for a 60 m cable. If the vessel geography is known, and the cable is rolled out in advance of arrival, we estimate the connection time to be 15 minutes or less. By drilling operators in the Shore Power Cruiser procedure, connection time can be reduced furtherly.

Of course, it’s an EV

To further strengthen the environmental and climate friendliness of the cruise shore charging operation, our unit is naturally equipped with batteries and an electric motor to ensure zero-emission travel along the quayside.

Short Specifications

  • Portable unit
  • Telescope extension and rotatable
  • Fully protected
  • Environmentally friendly with fully electric operation and
  • Recyclable materials
  • High Voltage connections.
  • AC
  • 6,6 / 11 kV


  • Customized Colour
  • Extended Warranty
  • Zinus Care Service Agreement

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Shore Power Cruiser

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Our product portfolio contains a range of inventive charging solutions for hybrid and fully electric vessels, combining uninterrupted recharging of batteries with safe, easy, and flexible operations.
Zinus Shore Power is a range of new and innovative solutions for shore power connection, designed for operational regularity, flexibility, scalability, as well as safe and simple use.