Shore Power Compact
Shore Power Compact

Connectivity in a nutshell

With a small footprint, Zinus Shore Power Compact is our range of little, user-friendly, and highly flexible low voltage shore power handling units.

Enclosed in aesthetic and corrosion resistant aluminium, the units are available as fixed or portable installations. Fully electric performance ensures environmentally friendly operation.

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Zinus Shore Power Compact is specially developed for busy harbours in need of reliable, smaller shore power connections that quickly can serve a variety of vessels. The units only have a small footprint and are thoroughly proofed against seawater and bad weather. Portable versions are easily moved by forklift or on a motorized base.

Intuitive operations

Manual control with intuitive operation. Prepared for integrated touch screen operation.

Built in switches

Prepared for built-in switchgear with circuit distribution to the plugs.

Automatic readiness

Can be equipped with a semiautomatic operation system that recognize vessels and automatically prepares the system before the vessel docks. Can be coordinated with converter regardless of vendor.


Overload protection against operational errors. Weak point implemented in the structure.


Zinus has a cable management system according to Plug Solution PAS IEC 80005-3 and is CE marked in accordance with Norwegian regulations.

Short Specifications

  • Maximum cable length per drum: 45 m
  • Maximum number of drums: 4
  • Motorized drums, electric drive
  • Electrical slipring connection to each drum
  • Maximum cable fleet angle: ± 45 °
  • Voltages:
    • AC
    • 400 V / AC – 50/60 Hz
    • 440 V / AC – 50/60 Hz
    • 690 V / AC – 50/60 Hz
  • Control Power (V):
    • 3x 400 V/AC + N 16 A alternative 3x 230 V/AC 16A(Control power)
  • Currents:
    • Maximum 350 A per cable (Low voltage)
  • IP Range:
    • Minimum IP56 protection class on all equipment


  • Radio Remote Control
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Customized Colour
  • Heating in modules
  • Plug Heating
  • Frame for fixed installation
  • Collision protection
  • Harbour owner’s logo
  • Extended Warranty
  • Zinus Care Service Agreement

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Shore Power Compact

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Our product portfolio contains a range of inventive charging solutions for hybrid and fully electric vessels, combining uninterrupted recharging of batteries with safe, easy, and flexible operations.
Zinus Shore Power is a range of new and innovative solutions for shore power connection, designed for operational regularity, flexibility, scalability, as well as safe and simple use.