Shore Power Telescopic
Shore Power Telescopic

Performance meets design

The Shore Power Telescopic series sets a new standard for shore power connections, differing greatly from traditional industrial designs found in most shore-side infrastructure.

It is carefully designed to fit into the public environment, combining superior functionality with a minimal footprint and only minor intervention into existing quays. The understated design blends in easily with existing quay and port environments.

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Shore Power Telescopic is designed for operational regularity, flexibility with respect to ship types and designs, and is scalable in relation to meeting customers’ specific needs. Its all-electric operation is beneficial to the environment, cancelling the risk of oil contamination. Both structure and machine parts are constructed in weather and seawater resistant materials

Intuitive operations

Manual control with intuitive operation. Prepared for integrated touch screen operation.

Built in switches

Prepared for built-in switchgear with circuit distribution to the plugs.

Automatic readiness

Can be equipped with a semiautomatic operation system that recognize vessels and automatically prepares the system before the vessel docks. Can be coordinated with converter regardless of vendor.


Overload protection against operational errors. Weak point implemented in the structure.


Zinus has a cable management system according to Plug Solution PAS IEC 80005-3 and is CE marked in accordance with Norwegian regulations.

Incorporated functions

Harbour lighting

Zinus incorporates secondary features that serve the public environment, such as built-in harbour lighting in the rear part of the mast.

Protected telescopic arm

The telescopic arm lays protected in the main construction. The operator controls the range of the arm, and it can easily be adjusted for different vessels.

Hidden components

All mechanical components and moving parts are hidden and protected from the external environment, thus achieving a sleek design.


Fit for the public

Shore Power Telescopic differs from typical industrial harbour structures and is designed to fit into the public environment – raising the visual qualities of a harbour.

Local adaptation

Zinus offers the opportunity for customizing colours and materials according to local guidelines.

Minimal footprint

Zinus has a minimal footprint and requires only minor intervention in the existing quay. Even visually, the structure takes up little quay and harbour space.

Short Specifications

  • Standard height: ZPP550=5,5 mtr / ZPP700=7,0 Mtr / ZPP850=8,5 Mtr
  • Voltages:
    • AC
    • 400 V / AC – 50/60 Hz
    • 440 V / AC – 50/60 Hz
    • 690 V / AC – 50/60 Hz
    • 6,6 kV (HV) (ZPP850 only)
    • 11 kV (HV) (ZPP850 only)
  • Control Power (V):
    • 3x 400 V/AC + N 16 A alternative 3x 230 V/AC 16A (Control power)
  • Currents:
    • Maximum 350 A per cable (Low voltage)
    • Total 1400 A on 4 cables (Low voltage)
    • Maximum 250 A (High voltage)


  • ZPP550 / ZPP700 turnable 90º (+/- 45º relative to quayside)
  • ZPP850 turnable 180º (+/- 90º relative to quayside)
  • Adjustable telescope range
  • High tidal flexibility
  • Vessel drifting up to 2 mtr


  • Radio Remote Control
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Customized Colour
  • Heating in column
  • Plug Heating
  • Harbour owner’s logo
  • Extended Warranty
  • Zinus Care Service Agreement

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Shore Power Telescopic

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Our product portfolio contains a range of inventive charging solutions for hybrid and fully electric vessels, combining uninterrupted recharging of batteries with safe, easy, and flexible operations.
Zinus Shore Power is a range of new and innovative solutions for shore power connection, designed for operational regularity, flexibility, scalability, as well as safe and simple use.