Successful delivery to Danish Molslinjen

Successful delivery to Danish Molslinjen

Only commissioning remains before vehicles and passengers can travel fully electric from Esbjerg to Fanø.
Zinus’ ZPP700 charging post is installed in Esbjerg. (Photo: Molslinjen)

With the electric ferry Grotte, Molslinjen – Denmark’s largest ferry company – is taking the first step towards a more climate-friendly ferry service. Grotte will enter service in the route between Esbjerg and the small island of Fanø in the Wadden Sea late this summer. In Esbjerg, the ferry will be charged by Zinus technology.

“All our equipment was delivered according to schedule to a satisfied customer, and Zinus will start commissioning during the first week of September, Geir Arne Bjørkelund, Sales Manager at Zinus, reports.

The autonomous charging solution, consisting of one ZPP700 charging post and one onboard SWC100 charging connection, can connect the ferry to its power supply in about 20 seconds, and can deliver a current of 4,400 amperes.

Grotte, built by Hvide Sande Shipyard, will be the third vessel servicing the popular Fanølinjen ferry route, which transports 1.8 million passengers each year.

Grotte will enter service late this summer. (Photo: Molslinjen)

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